ICP Forests Joint Expert Panel Meeting SLOVAKIA, Zvolen, Hotel Poľana, 1-5 October 2018

EP Biodiversity and Ground Vegetation, EP Forest Growth, EP Metorology, Phenology and LAI and EP Ambient Air Quality

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Name of the bank: Štátna pokladnica
Bank address: Radlinského 32, 81005 Bratislava, Slovakia
IBAN: SK20 8180 0000 0070 0024 1498
Recipient: Národné lesnícke centrum, T. G. Masaryka 22, 96092 Zvolen, Slovakia
VAT number: SK2022091027     Variable symbol: 7410025
Note for the recipient: ICP Forests, participant name
  • 2nd October (50 EUR)
  • 2nd October (35 EUR) Social dinner
  • 3rd October (50 EUR) Field course and excursion fee
  • 4th October (50 EUR)
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