Creation of the National Forest Centre


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 We were founded on 1 January 2006 from 3 formerly independent public forestry agencies which ceased to operate as independent legal entities with effect to 31 December 2005:

  • Forest Research Institute Zvolen
  • Lesoprojekt Zvolen
  • Institute for Further Training and Education of Forestry Professionals.
We are based in Zvolen, the bastion of forestry in Slovakia. The Forest Research Institute moved its offices and operations to Zvolen in 1964. Lesoprojekt Zvolen was based in the town since 1950. Institute for Further Training and Education of Forestry Professionals was established in 1978.
We were formed to provide a modern national platform for the integration of forest research, planning, consulting, further education and forestry practice into one coherent unit able to better respond to challenges facing forestry in the 21st century. Our staff are currently organised in four institutes:
  • NFC - Forest Research Institute Zvolen (NFC-FRI Zvolen)
  • NFC - Institute for Forest Consulting and Education (NFC-IFCE Zvolen)
  • NFC - Institute for Forest Resources and Information (NFC-IFRI Zvolen)
  • NFC - Forest Management Planning Institute (NFC-FPI Zvolen)
In 2008, we commemorated the 110th Anniversary of forest research (NFC-FRI Zvolen) and 30th Anniversary of lifelong education of forestry professionals (NFC-IFCE Zvolen) in Slovakia.
Our offices are located in 2 buildings in a wider centre of Zvolen. The NFC Headquarters and NFC-FRI offices are located at 22 T. G. Masaryka Street near the main railway and coach station. The remaining 3 institutes are based opposite the town’s railway station at 2 Sokolska Street.