International collaborations


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Much of our projects are arranged with partners from within Europe. Outside Europe, we have an ongoing cooperation on forest fire monitoring systems with South Africa.

EU Framework Programme
European Co-operation in Scientific & Technical Research Programme (COST)
COST is a framework for scientific and technical co-operation, allowing the co-ordination of national research on a European level.
LIFE + (2007-2013)
LIFE+, the new Financial Instrument for the Environment, has entered into force with the publication of the Regulation in the Official Journal L149 of 9 June 2007. It provides co-financing of projects under three headings: nature and biodiversity; environment policy and governance; and information and communication.
LIFE, the Financial Instrument for the Environment, co-finances projects in three areas: LIFE Nature actions aim to conserve natural habitats and Europe’s wild fauna and flora, supporting EU Birds and Habitats directives. LIFE Environment programmes provide funding for demonstration projects and methods which address EU environmental interests and support EU 6th Environmental Action Plan. LIFE Third Country actions promoting sustainable development in third countries.
The European Union (EU) created INTERREG to stimulate a harmonious and sustainable spatial development in the European countries as well as the improvement of spatial quality. The programme grants European subsidies annually to creative, innovative ideas and projects in the field of European spatial development.
Forest Focus