Our mission, aims & objectives


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 Our mission

Our mission is to protect and expand Slovak’s forests and increase their value to society and the environment.
We aim to take the lead in the development and promotion of sustainable forest management and its implementation in practice. We strive to provide forestry practice, forest owners and other stakeholders with new knowledge on forests and practical solutions enhancing stewardship of existing forest resources. In addition, we support transfer of appropriate know-how to state and municipal authorities on forestry, nature conservation, environment, rural development and urban planning. Our ambition is to provide fully-fledged services relevant to and supporting strategic priorities and interests of forestry.
Our aims and objectives in detail
Our aims
  • To assist national administration on forests in achieving its high profile objectives.
  • To take lead in development and promotion of sustainable management of national forest resources.
  • To contribute to rural development through diversification of land based economic activities.
Our objectives
  • To provide high-quality services to stakeholders involved in forest and associated sectors.
  • To ensure active and appropriate transfer of knowledge on forest ecosystems and their dynamics with respect to multiple needs of various stakeholders.
  • To provide research, development and monitoring services meeting SK forestry needs.
  • To support sectoral innovations.