Products & services

Nachádzate sa :

We offer a broad portfolio of forestry related products and services, both standardised and customised to suit particular needs of our clients. Some are fee-based whilst others are free. We also offer a wide selection of technical forestry and environmental publications, many of which are available for free download.
Research and Consultancy
Finding better ways of sustainable management of natural resources, improving tree quality and forest operations and helping clients to solve forestry and tree-related problems.
Forest planning and management
Linking the relevant research and know-how to forest and woodland practice.
Plant, tree, soil and water testing
Chemical analysis of plant, water, soil and animal tissue samples, testing of plant stock quality and tree assessment products. Foliar analysis service - chemical analysis of foliage.
Education & public relations
Finding ways to enhance public awareness about multiple aspects of forest management and the role of forests in the society. Implementing new approaches to life-long education of forestry professionals.
Scientific and technical information
Forestry library, photographic library, and technical forestry and environmental publications.
Technical services
Technical and environmental services and advice to scientists, forest managers and land based industries - surveying, experiments, and software solutions.
Tree health and protection
Laboratory-based diagnostic services, computer-based decision support systems, treatment services, herbicidal and other products.