Number 1/2008


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Original papers

Šebeň, V., Bošeľa, M.: New trends of the forest typology utilization in the framework of forest state monitoring on the basis of sampling method abstrakt

Ištoňa, J., Merganič, J.: Phytocoenological indication of long-term environmental changes in spruce forests of Pilsko and West Tatra Mts. and beech forests in the national nature reserve Pod Latiborskou hoľou abstrakt

Bílý, J.: Interspecific relations of pathogenic fungi colonizing Pinus sylvestris L. assimilatory organs abstrakt

Dvořák, J.: Performance of tracked harvesters of I class in spruce stands abstrakt

Sarvašová, Z.: Some social indicators of forest enterprises as determinants of forest sector competitiveness abstrakt

Discussion papers

Konôpka, J.:  Agrarian sector, science and research in Slovakia abstrakt

Sačkov, I., Natov, P., Messingerová, V.: On-line Calculator of Volume and Price extraction of above the Ground Dendromass from Forest Stand abstrakt


Konôpka, J.: Fast-growing tree species in the lowlands of Slovakia

Tuček, J.: Two important jubilees of the Technical University in Zvolen


Kunca, A.: Actual problems in forest protection 2008 – 17th year of the international seminar

Takáčová, E., Tučeková, A.: Proceedings from the international seminar “Actual problems in forest nursery management, seed production and artificial forest regeneration”

Konôpka, J.: V. Krečmer – Forest management in legal relations with the environment and nature protection (Analyses of interrelations of forest legislation and the environment and nature protection related legislation as the issues of forest policy and practice in the field of the environment


Dimitrovský, K.: 100 years from the birth of Prof. Ing. Dr. Pravdomil Svoboda, DrSc.