Statutory duties & powers


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Our responsibilities and powers are defined by the statute. They include the overall responsibility for:

  • Forest research
    • Multifunctional forestry
    • Forest ecosystem services
    • Forests & climate change
    • Forest biodiversity & ecology
    • Tree improvement & forest genetics
    • Forest pests & diseases
    • Forest policy & economics
    • Remote sensing
    • Transfer of know-how and innovations into forestry practice
    • Establishment of scientific Centres of Excellence
    • Publication of scientific periodicals
  • Evaluation of forest resources & potentials
    • Permanent monitoring (forest health, forest condition, forest fires)
    • National Forest Inventory
    • Forest surveys
    • Forest certification
    • Evaluation of forests
  • Collection and administration of forest data
    • National information systems on forests
    • Forest Databank
    • Timber market reporting
    • Data-based services for state authorities on forests and nature conservation
    • Forestportal (
  • Forest planning
    • Forest planning guidelines
    • Coordination of natural persons and legal entities contracted to deliver forest management plans
    • Public procurement on planning services
    • Forest planning innovations
  • Thematic mapping
    • National map set on forests
    • Specialised forest maps
    • Digital forest photogrammetry & remote sensing
    • GIS-based applications
  • Forest protection (Forest Protection Service)
    • Forest pest monitoring
    • Forest pest alerts
    • Forest pest control
  • Education
    • Forest pedagogics
    • Further education of forestry professionals
    • Examination of professional competence in forestry (certified forest managers, forest planners, etc.)
  • Public relations
    • Promotion of forestry among public
    • Management of international, national and/or local forestry events
  • International cooperation and representation of Slovakia on international fora and in initiatives on forests