číslo 1/2005


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Konôpka, J.: We start to publish the 51st volume of Forestry Journal [ celý text ]
Original papers

Novotný, J.: Models of integrated forest protection against the effect of injurious agents complex [ celý text ]

Kunca, A.: Susceptibility of wounds in the European beech bark to infection by Neonectria coccinea and efficacy of the wound tretment [ celý text ]

Konôpka, B., Konôpka, J., Raši, R.: Damage to forest caused by wind, snow and rime in Slovakia during the years 1996–2003 [ celý text ]

Homolová, Z.: Phytosociological study of managed forests in the Krahule formation, the Kremnické vrchy Mts. [ celý text ]

Discussion paper

Mihál, I., Cicák, A.: State of beech bark necrotic disease in northern Hungary [ celý text ]


Šebeň, V.: Seminar Forests and Avalanches [ celý text ]

Konôpka, B.: 2nd workshop COST Action E38 “Processes in tree species roots” in Thessalonica [ celý text ]

Šebeň, V.: International conference on “Management of forests with non-wood functions” [ celý text ]

Sarvašová, Z.: J. Novotný – Close to nature forestry [ celý text ]

Kern, J.: A. Sujová, J. Rašner, R. Rajnoha, R. – Restructuring wood industry in SR – Starting points and preconditions of further development [ celý text ]

Konôpka J.: List of original papers, and papers published in Lesnícky časopis-Forestry Journal in the years 1955–2004