Number 2/2000


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Original papers

Bucha, T., Vladovič, J.: Classification of forest condition by means of satellite photographs Landsat TM on model territory of Lomnistá and Vajskovská valley

Jankovič, J.: Quantification of species diversity for the vegetation in forest ecosystems on an example of model territories in the Low Tatras and Strážovské Mts.

Sedmák, R., Hladík, M., Brezina, L.: Tree distribution modelling in pure beech stands

Tučeková, A.: The effect of mulching cloths on the growth and development of larch (Larix decidua Mill.) plants in a region polluted by magnesite pollutants

Minďáš, J., Pavlenda, P.: Evaluation of sulphur and nitrogen critical loads for forest soils in the study area of the Low Tatras Mts.

Stachera, J., Lalkovič, M.: Forest as a basic stabilizing element of the landscape does not influence only the runoff from the watershed, but also the quality of effluent water

Zarnovican, R.: Temporal relationship between yellow birch (Betula alleghaniensis Britton) volume increment and climate in southern Québec, Canada

Discussion papers

Konôpka, J., Konôpka, B.: Differentiation of the principles of forest protection according to function