Number 1/2001


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Original papers

Štefančík, I.: Damage of spruce stand under air pollutants in the region of central Spiš on research plot Smolnícka Osada

Ištoňa, J.: Soil reaction and total concentrations of selected elements in the soils of air polluted region Horna Nitra

Tutka, J.: Marginality of natural-production process

Šmelko, Š.: Problem of representativeness of permanent monitoring plots in monitoring system of Slovakia 16 × 16 km grid and its practical implications

Discussion papers

Lacko, M.: Mountain municipalities in the context of rural areas and forestry development

Konôpka, J., Kern, J.: Proposals of main forestry activities in Slovakia


Hajdúchová, I.:  Funding forests – wood 2001


Kern, J.: The state of Canada’s forests1999-2000

Klubica, D.: Konôpka, J., Kern, J. – Problems and tasks of forestry development in Slovak Republic – proposals for their solution

Stolina, M.: Proceedings from the VI Congress of Slovak Society of Agricultural, Forestry, Food and Veterinary Sciences at the Slovak Academy of Sciences – B Forestry Section

Čapek, M.: Novotný, J., Zúbrik, M. (eds.) –  Biotic pests of forests in Slovakia

Čapek, M.: Zúbrik, M., Novotný, J. (eds.) – Calendar of forest protection