Number 2/2003


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Original papers

Minďáš, J.: Characteristics of snow cover regime in forest stands of midmountain region Poľana

Slávik, M.: Using growth biostimulators in cultivating Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) seedlings on pure and mixed substrates

Fabrika, M.: Growth simulator Sibyla and possibilities of its application in forest management

Lacko, M.: Unemployment rate of the forest sector employees in Slovak Republic for the years 2000–2002

Šebeň, V.: Assessment of underplantings in high-mountain open stands

Moravčík, M.: The reasons of observed increase of total growing stock in the forests of SR

Discussion papers

Bárány, G., Treczker, K.: Comparative studies on hydrid poplar clones

Bucha, T., Pajtík, J.: 15 years of the programme monitoring of forest condition in Slovakia


Sušková, M.: Production and utilization of reproduction stock of forest tree species under the conditions of current legislation

Štefančík, I.: Possibilities of oak taxa utilization in forestry


Šebeň, V.: Saniga, M., Jaloviar, P. – Close to nature forest management in Slovakia

Sarvašová, Z.: E. Ramensteiner, K. Kubeczko – Innovation and enterprising in Austrian forestry

Štefančík, I.: Jurásek, A., Novák, J., Slodičák, M. –  50 years of silvicultural research in Opočno

Konôpka, J.:  Roots deformation – hazard for stands stability

Štefančík, I.: Slodičák, M., Novák, J. – Proceedings from III Czecho-Slovak scientific symposium of educational-scientific and scientific-research workplaces in the field of silviculture