Number 1-2/2006


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Original papers

Inclán, R., Grau, J.M., Torre, D., Lopez, M.: Soil CO2 efflux and its spatial and temporal variations in a Mediterranean Pinus sylvestris L. forests in central Spain

Maňkovská, B., Percy, K., Karnosky, D.F.: Influence of greenhouse gases on epicuticular waxes of Populus tremuloides Michx.: Results from an open-air exposure and a natural O3 gradient

Cienciala, E., Henžlík, V., Zatloukal, V.: Assessment of carbon stock change in forests – adopting IPCC LULUCF good practice guidance in the Czech Republic

Cienciala, E., Tatarinov, F., Černý, M.: Carbon cycle in managed forests – applying a process model to stands of major tree species in Central-European forestry

Podrázský, V., Remeš, J.: Reintroduction of site demanding forest tree species – support on plantations with convenient amelioration

Škvarenina, J., Kunca, V., Križová, E., Tomlain, J.: Impact of the climate change on the water balance of altitudinal vegetation zones and changed critical loads in forest ecosystems in Slovakia

Štefančík, I., Kamenský, M.: Natural change of tree species composition in mixed spruce, fir and beech stands under conditions of climate change

Macků, J., Viewegh, J.: Models of climate change influence to forest management in the Czech Republic

Svoboda, M., Kopáček, J., Matějka, K., Podrázský, V., Sládková, L.: Carbon pools in mountain Norway spruce ecosystem in the Bohemian Forest (Czech Republic)

Pichler, V., Gregor, J., Váľka, J., Capuliak, Homolák, M.: Forest stand (Fagus sylvatica L.) density reduction as a GCC-adaptive forestry tool

Gálhidy, L., Czúcz, B., Torre F.: Zonal forest types, climatic variables and effect of changes for Hungary

Konôpka, B., Janssens, I.A., Yuste, J.C., Ceulemans, R.: Fine root turnover in a temperate Scots pine forest


Discussion paper

Sarvaš, M., Tučeková, A.: Cold hardiness of planting stock – important factor for forest nurseries production and artificial regeneration

Vrbek, B., Pilaš, I., Dubravac, T., Potočic, N., Selektovič, I., Pernek, M.: Forest crown condition and monitoring deposited matter in Gorski Kotar area in Croatia


Štefančík, I.: Restoration of Forest Ecosystems of the Jizerské Hory Mts

Midirak, R.: Problems and tasks of the forestry development in Slovakia


Konôpka, B.: I. Barbu, C. Barbu – Silver Fir (Abies alba Mill.) in Romania

Vološčuk, I.: R. Midriak – Mountain areas and their sustainable management (Landscape-ecological study with a special view to the territory of Slovakia)

Konôpka, J.: Ľ. Zaušková – Integrated management and ecological carrying capacity in the watersheds of water supply reservoirs

Konôpka, J.: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jan Ilavský – 60 years old