Supplement 1/2008


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Andrašev, S., Ročević, S.: Developmental characteristics of selected black poplar clones (section Aigeiros) abstrakt

Milios, E. and Papalexandris, CH.: The influence of shade and site productivity on the seedling density in low elevation stands of Fagus sylvatica L. s. l. located in north-eastern Greece abstrakt

Juhásová, G., Adamčíková, K., Kobza, M.: The threat of the Quercus and Castanea Species by the Cryphonectria parasitica fungi abstrakt

Katanić, M., Pilipović, A., Orlović, S., Krstić, B., Kovačević, B., Pekeč, V.: The influence of lead on the in vitro growth and concentration of photosynthetic pigments in shoots of the white poplar (Populus alba) clones abstrakt

Kormuťák, A., Kádasi-Horáková, M., Vooková, B., Gömöry, D.: Genetic structure of silver fir primeval forests in Slovakia abstrakt

Kulla, L., Hlásny, T.: Multi-factorial hazard assessment as a support for conversion priority rating in declining spruce forests abstrakt

Lavadinović, V., Isajev, V., Rakonjac, L., Marković, V.: Effect of altitude and continentality of douglas-fir provenances on height increment in test plantations in Serbia abstrakt

Mikic, T., Orlovic, S., Markovic, M., Kovacevic, B., Pilipovic, A.: Variability in service tree (Sorbus domestica L.) populations in Serbia abstrakt

Priwitzer, T., Pajtík, J., Konôpka, B., Ištoňa, J., Pavlenda, P.: Quantification of carbon stockes in the model ecosystems of first age class abstrakt

Šebeň, V., Merganič, J., Bošeľa, M.:  Species richness of vegetation in Slovak forests determined by National forest inventory and monitoring in Slovakia abstrakt

Štefančík, I.: The influence of different thinning regime on beech diameter increment under climate change conditions abstrakt

Tutka, J., Kovalčík, M.: Estimation of the value of recreational forest function in Slovakia by the method of contingent valuation and travel cost method abstrakt