Department of Forest Inventory and Management


Department of Forest Inventory and Management covers the tasks of fundamental and applied research associated with monitoring of tree growth processes, modelling of growth and development of forest and tree species communities, inventory of forest condition and development, elaboration of management plans for forests and tree vegetation in open countryside. Its focus lies in implementation of modern IT and development of technologies on forest data collection and processing.  
Main activities:

Research and modelling of tree growth:

  • Fundamental dynamics of growth and production of forest stands.
  • Development and testing of tree/ stand growth models and production models including influencing factors.
  • Co-operation with the Technical University in Zvolen on growth simulators development.

Inventory and monitoring of forest/ tree vegetation condition:

  • Research and development of information spectrum and systems of data processing.
  • Methodologies and guidelines for forest inventories and monitoring on national, regional and local level.

Management plans:

  • Development of management plans for forests and tree vegetation in open countryside. 
  • Decision-making support and optimal solutions for management models.

Information technologies:

  • IT solutions on forest and environment data collection and testing of new measurement technique.
  • Development and implementation of geo-information forest technologies.

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Research teams:
Research and modelling of tree species growth processes:   R. Petráš, J. Mecko, V.  Nociar, J. Pajtík

Inventory and monitoring  V. Šebeň, J. Pajtík, M. Bošeľa, J. Jankovič

Management plans:   L. Kulla, J. Jankovič

IKT and GIS in the Forestry sector:  I. Pôbiš, R. Cibula, J. Jankovič, M. Kajba

Head of department:

Jaroslav Jankovič
tel.: 00421 45 531 41 25

Renáta Šníderová
tel.: 00421 45 531 41 26