Department of Integrated Forest Protection and Game Management


Department of Forest Protection and Game Management primarily focuses on the development of scientific methods associated with research into forest harmful agents; compilation of evidence base on bionomics, ethology and ecology of biotic agents; and resistance of forest ecosystems against abiotic and biotic agents. Results of its fundamental and applied research are transferred to forestry practice through inspectors and specialists of the affiliated Forest Protection Service. The portfolio of international and national research projects covers the following areas:
  • Quality and volume of root systems of forest tree species and their impact on static parameters of particular specimens and stands.
  • Population dynamics of sucking insect pests. 
  • Monitoring and methods of biological control of bark beetle species.
  • Dynamics and factors of mass oak die-back.
  • Pathogenicity of fungi of genus Armillaria.
  • Methods of biological protection against Gypsy moth Lymantria dispar and European spruce bark beetle Ips typographus outbreaks (agents on basis of Beauveria bassiana).
  • Population dynamics and seasonal activity of large predators (bear and wolf).
  • Monitoring of population density of Gypsy moth, European spruce bark beetle and Pine bark beetle.
  • Testing of biological effectiveness of herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, repelents and other pesticides against biotic pest agents.
  • Consultancy and expert services in forest protection.


Research teams:
Abiotic harmful agents: J. Konôpka, B.Konôpka
Biotic harmful agents - insect and fungi: M. Zúbrik, J. Vakula, A. Gubka, J. Galko, D. Brutovský, A. Kunca, R. Leontovyč, V . Longauerová
Biotic harmful agents - others: J. Varínsky, M. Maľová, J Novotný, Ch. Nikolov
Game management: S. Finďo, P. Kaštier 
Technicians:  Ľ. Ivanič, L. Kostrecová, M. Lipnický, R. Nigríni
Head of department:
Bohdan Konôpka
tel: 00421 45 5314 323
mobil: 00421 911 540 097
Miriam Maľová
tel: 00421 45 5314 320