Department of Silviculture and Forest Technologies


Department of Silviculture and Forest Technologies covers a portfolio of research and development activities associated with forest gene pool, genetic diversity, protection and use of reproduction resources of forest tree species, breeding and verification of improved reproduction material, nursery technologies, afforestation and establishment of young forest stands, silviculture, felling, regeneration and transport technologies, biomass use for energy and industrial purposes, growth and production of forest tree species and stands. 
Within the department there are two affiliated units: 
 Main activities:
  • Research into provenance of European larch, Norway spruce, Scots pine, Silver fir, English oak, Durmast oak, Douglas fir, Grand fir and Black spruce.
  • Research into gene pool structure and anthropogenic impacts on genetic diversity of forest tree species.
  • Research into reproduction processes of forest tree species.
  • Breeding of spruce, fir and native poplar.
  • Projects on new silvicultural technologies (establishment of young forest stands, tending, regeneration) in different ecological conditions.
  • Nursery management - research of methods and technologies of planting stock production.
  • Establishment and expert instructions on management of permanent research plots and Arboretum in Kysihybel.
  • Afforestation of abandoned agricultural land and land not suitable for agricultural purposes.
  • Biomass utilization for energy and industrial purposes.
Tending, reconstruction and combined regeneration of forest stands: I. Štefančík, J.Jankovič
Breeding and genetics of forest tree species: R. Longauer, M. Pacalaj, Strmeň, D. Bednárová, E.Takáčová
Nursery, establishment and regeneration of forests: A. Tučeková, S. Strmeň, E.Takáčová
Production and biomass use: M. Bartko
Head of department:
Jaroslav Jankovič
tel: 00421 45 5314125
mobil: 0911 938 235
Renáta Šníderová
tel: 00421 45 5314126