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logodrymosxDRYMOS project - "ΝΕW SKILLS FOR NEW JOBS IN THE FOREST SECTOR" aims to contribute to the improvement of the training of forest professionals by offering them complete, qualitative, results-oriented and practice-oriented learning contents which will be delivered through the use of a blended learning method that would combine e-learning and face-to-face seminars. The e-learning contents and training methodology will be transferred from countries of Central Europe (Slovakia and Switzerland) which have more advanced forest management sector. The main target groups are the junior forest administrators and the senior students in forest related departments.

drymos_meeting1bThe general objectives of the project are to improve the administration of the forests, to ensure that the forest administrators acquire the necessary skills and knowledge for their job and personal development, to ensure that the skills of the forest administrators correspond to the requirements of the sector and to contribute to the development of digital contents which are fundamental element of the knowledge society. The specific objectives of the project are to transfer the findings of a blended learning approach exploiting a problem oriented way of learning, to create practice-oriented e-learning modules that will contribute to the increase of the foresters’ skills in well identified themes, to develop the practical skills of a big number of foresters in the Mediterranean region and to certify these skills.

Characteristics of the partnership: The partnership of DRYMOS project is constituted from organizations coming from the Central Europe (Slovakia and Switzerland) which are going to transfer their expertise in the other countries and organizations from the Mediterranean Europe (GR, CY, IT, ES, PT) that are going to benefit from this transfer. The project is coordinated by Union for the Protection & Development of Hymettus, Greece. The composition of the transnational partnership is determined by the selection of key actors in the project field of action (universities, university spin-offs, Local Associations and Unions, forest education centre, environmental education centre, SME, E-Learning organization) with great experience and expertise in the field of Environmental European Projects, thus facilitating the dissemination, transfer and mainstreaming of project results and the sustainability of outputs.

General Description of the Outcomes: Study on the Training Needs of the foresters, innovative E-Learning Modules, blended learning methodology, training of trainers, blended learning sessions, Final Conference. Impact: The e-learning contents and the certification will facilitate the development and recognition of the practical skills of the foresters, fact which will improve the sustainable management of the forests.

DRYMOS project is funded by the Education and Culture DG, in the framework of the Lifelong Learning Programme - LEONARDO DA VINCI – Transfer of Innovation  (code number 2012-1-LEO05-10056).

DRYMOS pilot courses

DRYMOS objectives and outputs

Kick off meeting in Athens

Second project meeting in Zvolen

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