International cooperation / Foresters towards life-long learning

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Foresters towards life long learning for better forest management

prirode blizkeThe overall objective of the project is to develop tangible conditions for life long learning of forestry practitioners of the border regions of Ukraine and Slovakia via improvement of on-job training system and establishment of practical institutional co-operation among the training institutions and forest administrations and tochange the paradigm of forest management among forestry practitioners thus changing the system of forest management towards multifunctional and sustainable (close to nature).

The project is to create conditions for improvement of the training system towards life long learning approach in forestry through close collaboration between relevant institutions and organizations as well as involvement of stakeholders and getting their support. Improvement of on-job training process will in the long run lead to the improvement of forest management towards more sustainable. The project is going to build up first steps on the way of improvement of training process for the forestry practitioners, which can be idependently used after the end of the project as well as developed further on by the partners and stakeholders.

The whole project is built on the cross-border inter-institutional cooperation with constant synergy and exchange of knowledge. Establishment of the sustainable mechanisms of information and knowledge exchange is the key factor for further improvement of training process for forestry practitioners towards life long learning