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Slovak forestry education does continually need to adopt modern didactical approaches and innovative learning techniques able to hold learner’s interest, and secure flexible education for effective knowledge transfer.


The main aim of the TrainForEducation project was to implement e-learning solutions into continuing fotrestry education creating thus blended learning strategy suitable for VET for forestry professionals.

Main outcomes of the project:

  • Transfer of a Blended Learning approach to Slovak further forestry education
  • Adaptation and application of an e-learning platform
  • ICT-based pedagogical materials created and tested

TrainForEducation project successfully fulfiled its objectives and the LdV Grant finished on the end of September 2010. Despite these facts, initiatives of TrainForEducation project continue beyond LdV funding period. E-learning portal developed within the project is available at www.e– The coordinator of the TrainForEducation project is looking for new partners and ideas  willing to coperate for increasing VET attractiveness and learners' motivation, improvement of VET efficiency in Europe through networking aimed at sharing learning materials and ideas in forestry education.

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TraInForEducation project was cofinanced by the European Commission through Lifelong Learning Programme - Leonardo da Vinci (project code 2008-1-SK1-LEO05-00222). Further information about the project is available at project website as well as in Leonardo da Vinci projects database – ADAM at

TraInForEducation project was rated by the Commission as one of the best LLP projects approved in 2008. :